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It's.... Thursday

Just one more day of getting up this week! I wasn't doing too well at getting motivated this morning, but I seem to be doing better now.

Last night, Travis went to Tony's place for a few hours. I didn't know if I was invited or not, so I didn't go. That's ok though, I stayed at home and watched a movie, and made myself and omelet for dinner (I didn't add enough cheese though). The movie (The French Connection) was decent enough. It was interesting to see a film with Gene Hackman when he was much younger. Overall, it was bit slow at times, but I didn't fall asleep or anything.

It's Chicken Cordon Bleu day today (I am seeing a pattern :) ).

Hmm, Matt just gave me the idea that the spare bedroom may be a good place for the extra bookcase we have laying around. Then, maybe, I could unpack all the books that I have in the basement. I also need to put up the shelves in the den (hint to Travis).

I need to read some more of my MFC book.

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