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Well, both of my PA teams blew it in the divisional playoffs yesterday. The Eagles did put up a nice fight though, and loosing by only 5 to the Rams is somewhat impressive (much better than the Packers). At the end of the post game, Fox showed a little segment with clips from the season... that pretty much summarized why I like football. At least we have another 2 weeks of games before we need to wait till August before more games. Ok enough about football.

I watched a couple of movies on Friday. A Perfect Murder wasn't bad. It was a bit predictable though. My Best Friend's Wedding was the 2nd movie in the double feature (I know, odd combination). It was a decent movie too, although the special features on the DVD were lackluster.

The weather is supposed to be really nice today... approaching 60 degrees! I may have to leave work a little early, since it is supposed to be in the 20s at the end of the week :(. It is almost February though, so spring is just around the corner.

I just need to get through these morning meetings, which start in about 15 minutes.

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