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Good day.

Well, I had a pretty decent day. I fought with InstallShield 6.1 most of the day, but I think I finally got my brain around it. Work was interesting in some other ways too, mostly because during our staff meeting, we found out that our manager is moving to a new position, but the guy that is taking her place is pretty cool, from what I know so far. We'll have to wait and see.

After work, I went to class as usual, and it was amazing I actually made it on time, with the accidents, the stupid drivers, and the construction, but I finally made it, and the prof actually had our tests graded, and I wasn't expecting much (expected no more than an 80/100), but I got an 87, so I am real happy about that.

After I got home, I reinstalled my operating systems, hopefully for the last time! I got win98, win2k, and winxp installed. I am running winxp right now, as a matter of fact, and it is working pretty well. The DVD player seems a bit sluggish when searching for chapters, but it plays fine. Strange. Maybe it's this disc, although PowerDVD is using 47% of my processor, which seems a bit excessive on a 1.2 GHz processor, but what do I know? Everything else is working great, and it is pretty. Props to the people at Microsoft for that.

Nothing much else happening around here, except that it is the end of week 4, and I don't seem to have a Java project for next week, so I will actually have a pleasant weekend, with some Discrete and Java to do, and some sleep to catch up on, and maybe I can finally watch Lawrence of Arabia, since it is about 3.5 hours long. I don't think I will be able to get Travis to watch it though, he is always "busy" with one thing or another, oh well. I need to get ready for bed relatively soon, as I have not been getting enough sleep as of late, with trying to get the computer working, studying, and the general overall stress, I haven't gotten to sleep till about 1 for the last couple nights, and then getting up at 7 is too early. At least it was nice today, it got up close to 60, and was sunny. It is supposed to rain the next couple days though, but it is supposed to be warm, which is good... I am getting really sick of this snow stuff.

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