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My day in a nutshell

I woke up this morning, after not getting to bed until 12 something, or maybe 1, again. I was not at all happy this morning, but I still got up a staggered into work. I actually got a lot accomplished today. My InstallShield script and everything seem to be working pretty well, at least for the next couple of releases, which aren't going to customers. I still need to update my autorun program for 32-bit. I'll probably do that Monday. There is so much to do before the 1st 32-bit build that Don and I didn't think of. These things happen. I spent a good hour or so this morning chatting with some people at work about this and that, which was pretty cool. Nothing too specific, just getting to know some people better.

I came home around 1, and was pleased to see that winxp was still working. I paid some bills and then did my laundry, since Friday afternoon seems to be the only time that I actually can get to the washing machine to do more than one load of laundry. A portion of the basement had some standing water in it though (because of the melting snow and rain), which made going down there to actually do the laundry and adventure. At least it is warming up. While I was doing my laundry, I installed some more programs, and read a bunch of my book. I must say that Nelson DeMille is quiet a good author, though I have only read about 1 1/2 of his books, and watched one movie.

I took a nap after I finished my laundry, since I was totally exhausted. I then played around with the computer for a bit, and cleaned up a bit. Travis came over later in the evening, and he played around with the new version of windows, and then we went out to Broder's Books, because he wanted a map, of the world. I was looking for a CD, which I was unable to locate. After I got back from there, empty handed, Eric and I went to Nick's to get some garbage plates, which was good, since I haven't eaten pretty much all day.

I don't have any Java project this week, but have some discrete to do, as well as some parallel. Despite this, I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, to hopefully get back on track, as I have been sleeping poorly this last week, since Daylight Savings Time, actually. Not that I don't appreciate the extra evening light, but since it is supposed to be cloudy here, in Rochester, for the next week or so, it doesn't really matter. Alas, it's bed time.

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