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Is it really Wednesday?

Another day, another update...

Traffic was light this morning, which was very odd. I managed to get to work 5-10 minute earlier than I should have because 490 was light traffic, and I hit all but one traffic light green. I was busy trying to convince myself that I wasn't going to work on a Saturday, this morning.

I went over to Tony's last night, and played some cards, ate some pizza, and enjoyed the company. It was fun. For some reason, I volunteered to drive Scott home afterwards, which is always a fun trip. I can't complain though, I still got to bed at a reasonable time.

My neck is sore this morning, I must have slept funny. I took something for it, so hopefully I will be able to move again soon :-)

Some guy emailed me about the car stereo I am ebay'ing (is that a word?), asking if I would end the auction early and sell it for $100 to him. I may have to think about that...

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