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Fun weekend (mostly)

Friday started out ok, and went downhill. I was expecting Travis to sign for a package, but he left and decided to not come back for a while, so I was mad at him. Since the package was sent FedEx, I actually managed to pick it up, but I was still mad at Travis, probably unreasonably, but still mad.

Anyway, the package. I got a new camera. Why? Well, I wanted something with better battery life, and something with more manual control over it. I got that in the new camera. I am selling the old one, which makes the price of the new one negligible. I spent a good portion of Friday taking random pictures, trying to figure out how to use all the camera's features.

Saturday was a very nice day out, and I was planning on doing to a concert, but something came up (more later). I went to Mendon Ponds park for a few hours Saturday, and took a few pictures, nothing exciting really, but a few decent pictures. I also went on a small hike. It was cool out, but sunny, so I enjoyed myself. A few hours after I got back, the neighbor across the street came over to tell me that they had backed into Olga's car (she was out with Travis). She came back, and spent the next 2 hours dealing with things, I helped, and missed the concert. Oh well.

Sunday was nice day. I decided to put together the puzzle Travis got me from NYC. It was harder than I expected, due to odd shaped pieces, but with the help of a few people, it is finally done. Since that was is finally complete, I got a few more puzzles ordered to put together, ranging from 500 to 4000 pieces, it'll be fun doing those. The 6000 piece wouldn't fit on my table, so I couldn't get that :(

I am feeling blah this morning.

Meeting now, more later.

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