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The radio works!

Last week, I ebayed a car stereo that I was no longer using. I got a decent price for it, but when the guy who bought it (Mike) got it, it wasn't working (it wouldn't play CDs). He sent me a couple emails over the last couple days, and I offered to give him a refund for it. I hadn't heard back since Saturday, and I just got an email from him. He took the radio to Best Buy, and they looked at it, and noticed a loose spring. It works now! I am glad he did that, because if he had sent it back to me, I probably would have pitched it. I want to blame this on UPS and their mishandling of packages, but it could have also been that it was sitting in my basement for a while, and the spring could have heated/cooled goofy and come off. Either way, I am happy to hear that he got it working.

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