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Yet more snow

It is supposed to snow again tonight (a couple inches). Just think, it is April in a week. The start of baseball season. Not that I watch, but it should be warmer.

Travis started his new job today. I haven't heard from him, so I assume that everything is going well. We are supposed to be doing dinner this evening. Bret may be coming too, which would be nice, since I didn't make it to his place this weekend.

I watched Notorious last night. Good movie. I am working on catching up on all the movies that I haven't watched from the past (because I wasn't born yet). I still have a lot of work to do.

Work is interesting this week. I have lots to do with rewriting parts of a web site, and writing a utility to check to see if there is an update available to the user. It's going well, except that I am trying to check to see if the part that checks to see if the user is connected to the internet works, and it isn't going well. I don't know anyone that uses a modem to connect to the internet, that I can get a hold of at the moment. Go figure.

Well, more testing...

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