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So, I have PHP installed and running on my Windows Box. I love PHP and MySQL, they are free, fast, relatively easy to use, and it makes my job easier. Installing these on Windows was a piece of cake. Well, lucky for me, we run our servers on Unix (SunOS really), as it should be. Unfortunately, getting PHP and MySQL to work has been a chore. Just when you think it works, you find out that another library is missing, or some script didn't work like it was supposed to. This has made my morning far more difficult than it should be, I could be doing real development.

In other happy news, Travis, Bret, Scott, Tony and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last night, had some food, played trivia. It was a good way to kill a couple hours. Since I own a laundry machine, I could wash my cloths when I got home (since they smelled like smoke).

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