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Slow Week

This is a slow week at work, following the holiday and all. I managed to back over a roll of electrical solder. Not sure how it ended up in the middle of the garage, but there it was. I think this is the first time I have actually used my All Wheel Drive. Go figure. The more impressive part was that I didn't completely crush the roll. It is still in one piece, though it is a bit more oval than it was 4 hours ago.

Last night when I got back from getting some food with some friends and watch a hockey game, I decided it was time to kill the wasps that had taken up residence in my shed. There were probably 10 nests in there. The spray seems to have done the trick though. Now I just need to get rid of all the rodents (chipmunks) that have decided to take up residence under the shed, under the garage, and under the front porch. Of course, it could be one chipmunk for all I know.

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