What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Rain Rain, and a few thunderstorms thrown in.

It rained yesterday. A lot. We officially got 2.12 inches, which pretty much doubles our normal monthly amount of rain for May. We still have another 2 days before the month is over.

Travis thought he would clean the gutters last night between thunderstorms. I thought he was crazy, but there he went. Good for him.

I ended up picking up a new pair of sunglasses last night, since I managed to get a really big scratch on mine, though I don't know how or when. It could be worse, I have had those sunglasses for 2 years now.

My webpage managed to get slightly updated yesterday. I made it use PHP, which makes my job much easier for maintaining, and it provides more update routes, if I choose to do that in the future.

Oh boy, Brian, my boss just stopped by. It looks like I have new projects coming my way soon. I guess that means I better finish up the current ones. :)

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