What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Fun weekend

Friday was nice, I went to a carnival with some friends and hung out. I actually went to bed at a reasonable (1am) time.

Saturday I got up and mowed the lawn, and went to the Hamfest with Travis. He didn't get anything until Sunday though. I watched a couple soccer games and read a bit, had a nice dinner, and investigated putting a ceiling fan in my bedroom. Travis doesn't want to do the electrical work, so I guess that will wait.

Yesterday I went to see The Sum Of All Fears. I enjoyed the movie, and look forward to it's DVD release. It was funny coming into work this morning because some lady called the radio station to talk about it, and I think she watched a different movie, because she told them so many things about the movie that were wrong. She said that a nuclear bomb went missing in 1963 (it was actually 1973), and she said that everyone that touched the bomb died from radiation, which isn't true, it was just one guy, everyone else was killed by the terrorists. Those were the 2 big points she had wrong. I just find that amusing.

I need to prep for a meeting now.

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