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Frisbee Day

Today is the start of the Frisbee season. We aren't actually playing a game tonight, which is good, because I am supposed to be meeting some people around 9pm for a little social get-together.

Last night, Bret, his brother Jason, and Scott came over, and we played Halo. I was a fiend last night, and Scott and I managed to win pretty consistantly. In short, it was a good way to spend a Wednesday night.

I forgot to mention, on Tuesday, I got my can of stain/sealer that my mother shipped me, and it looked like it had been through a war. I realize now why the lid is clipped shut, because it would have no doubt come off if let to itself.

I managed to fix the problems I was having at work yesterday, so people should be happy. It turns out that the problems MAY have been mine, but since I don't have any testers, it is really hard to find the problems. It turns out that there were two problems that have existed since day 1, but no one noticed until now, or they didn't care. Apprently customers haven't noticed much, or at least haven't cared, because they haven't called about these problems in 8 months. I will get off my soap box now.

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